We release new plugin – DYAMAR Polls

Dear customers, we have very good news for you today!
DYAMAR Engineering team has developed and released a new plug-in for the WordPress content management system. The benefit of this product is that it allows you to create dynamic surveys for users who visit it your web pages. Thus, you can find out what exactly they want from your site, what they like or to detect what needs to be changed urgently. Collected information will allow you to improve your website and increase customer loyalty.

The product is called “DYAMAR Polls” and was developed in the PHP programming language. Also, AJAX technology was used, which helps to integrate voting logic into the interface of your site.

Source code is distributed under an open source license – GNU General Public License, version 2. Full version of licensing terms is available to read here.

To download this plugin, please visit site of the DYAMAR Engineering company. Then, you need to select item “Products” in the main menu, and then sub-menu “WordPress Plugins”. There you will find a link to a ZIP file.

With regard to the installation of the poll, you will need to download and unzip the plugin. Then upload folder `dyamar-polls` into directory `/wp-content/plugins/ ` on your site and activate the plugin in the WordPress menu ‘Plugins’.

The window for creating and editing surveys in the WordPress will look like this:

Here, you can see menu `Polls`, which is located in the administrative part of the Web site. You can create a new poll by clicking `Add New Poll` button. After that, you just need to add short code (for example: [dyamar_poll id="1"]) to the desired page or widget.

As you can see, everything is very simple for use. We will be very glad if this plugin really helps to improve your web resource.