Question: There are hundreds of companies that offer software development services. What distinguishes your company from others in the industry?
Answer: We do like technologies and we are highly passionate about engineering. In addition, DYAMAR Engineering is a product company at the same time, which owns and maintains digital goods. That’s a real proof of our expertise.
Question: What are the benefits of outsourcing development of my product to third-party company?
Answer: There are several factors that may influence on your decision. Among them are cost reduce, better quality, speed of deployment, requirements in highly effective and professionally built software.
Question: What are your company’s hours of operation and working days? Also what is the time zone in your country?
Answer: DYAMAR Engineering is located in the Ukraine country, Central-Eastern Europe. Our time zone is EEST(GMT + 2, GMT + 3 in summer). And working hours are: Monday – Friday: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Ukrainian Time. But if there are urgent needs, you may contact us by mail and we will respond as quickly as it is possible.
Question: Would you recommend us to use fixed-price or cost reimbursement contracts?
Answer: It depends on project requirements and deadlines. Fixed-price contracts are suitable in cases when the list of desired features is clearly defined. But when the project specifications cannot be explicitly determined or product should be delivered to the market in iterations, it’s recommended to use cost reimbursement contracts.
Question: How can we be sure that developed software is working properly and suits all of our needs?
Answer: Quality is the most important part of our strategy during software engineering. We will provide you with the automated unit tests and all related documentation on how to ensure that developed product is fully working.
Question: Is there any way to try your services and see how DYAMAR Engineering company operates before making decision on outsourcing?
Answer: Yes, in that case we may develop demo application that will show quality of our service. In addition, all customers may see our previous work on the Plugins page of this web site.