DYAMAR Contacts 1.3 is now available

This is a huge change to our free and Pro versions of DYAMAR Contacts plugins, so we’ve incremented version to 1.3.

Submissions page is now available in free version of the plugins, it means that you can keep record of all submissions for future use. For example, is email was accidentally deleted or you have not access to email client, then you always can login into your site and see all customer requests in a convenient form.

In addition, Pro version contains such new fields:

Name, Address, Number, Password, Date, Time, Heading, Hidden, Range, Color

They are all HTML5 compliant and you can use them to build advanced contact forms. You will need to obtain Pro version of our plugin if you want to use this feature.

Feel free to contact us any time if you have additional questions or issues.

Best regards,
DYAMAR Engineering Team.