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New versions of DYAMAR Polls and DYAMAR Contacts plugins

Dear customers.

We have just released new versions of our DYAMAR Polls and DYAMAR Contacts plugins, including both free and paid packages. You should definitely update all your existing installations to new versions, since there are many bug fixes. For example, there are CSS fixes that make those tools working better on mobile devices.

Also, we added new feature. Both those plugins now add media button into WordPress posts or page editor. This means that you can add shortcode easily to your content, and there is no need switch to Polls or Contacts table.

Please contact us if you have additional issues or questions. Best regards, DYAMAR Team.

DYAMAR Contacts - build forms easily

We would like to inform that our company has build new great plugin for the WordPress content management system. This is a form builder which allows you to create contacts forms easily. You can install it on your web site and start receiving questions or notifications from your online visitors. The submission process is fast and smooth, since we use AJAX technologies to communicate with the back-end version of our code.

Our goal was to create simple solution, it has fairly simple interface and lightweight design. You just need to create new form and drag required fields into the builder, and then save your work. Then, to add contact form into page, you need to you special shortcode that has to be inserted into textual content. Also, there is ability to use WordPress widget, with help of that you can add forms into various sidebars on your web site.

We release new plugin - DYAMAR Polls

Dear customers, we have very good news for you today! DYAMAR Engineering team has developed and released a new plug-in for the WordPress content management system. The benefit of this product is that it allows you to create dynamic surveys for users who visit it your web pages. Thus, you can find out what exactly they want from your site, what they like or to detect what needs to be changed urgently. Collected information will allow you to improve your website and increase customer loyalty.

The product is called "DYAMAR Polls" and was developed in the PHP programming language. Also, AJAX technology was used, which helps to integrate voting logic into the interface of your site.

Source code is distributed under an open source license - GNU General Public License, version 2. Full version of licensing terms is available to read here.

What is WordPress

WordPress - is a multi-function content management system for making web sites. It is very often used for building all sorts of online resources such as blogs, news sites and even online shops.

WordPress is a very simple system to use, but it is powerful at the same time, since it contains ability to install various plugins. It is written in PHP, licensed under the GPL open source license of version 2. MySQL is used as a database engine. One of its main advantages is that it is absolutely free.

If you look into the history of WordPress, it is worth noting that the author is Matt Mullenweg. The first public version was released in 2003 under version 0.70.

What is PHP?

Hello, we would like to draw your attention to a very popular, simple and at the same time, a multi featured language for web programming called PHP. If you ever want to start web development, you will not be able to do that without learning this language.

Let's begin from the history of its development. PHP is a scripting programming language for general use. It is developed as open source software, and it is used to develop dynamic web sites.

What is JAVA?

Hello dear readers of our blog. In today's article, we will introduce you to a very well known and widely spoken language in the development world. This is object-oriented programming language - JAVA.

We will start from history of the language. In the beginning of its development it was primarily used in programming of appliances. Development of JAVA language was officially completed in May of 1995. Applications written on it, can be compiled into byte code and at the same time can easily work in a virtual machine - JVM, which processes it and sends the instructions in special form to the interpreter. Initially language was called Oak. Over time, it was renamed into JAVA and was used for writing applications and server software. It is accepted that the final language got its name due to the island of Java, where the coffee was grown with the same name.

Let's look at the main benefits of this language.

What is search engine marketing?

Good day, dear readers. Today, you will learn what is the search engine marketing techniques on the Internet and how to use them. In the online environment, there are plenty of sites that want to achieve first place in the ranking of search engines. To get such result, you will need to do a great job on on the web site and to use all possible advertising methods to promote your business.

Search engine marketing appeared immediately after the creation of search engines on the Internet. After all, every online resource wants be first on the list for to get maximum attention from people. There is a suggestion that the user who is looking for the information may not go deeper from the first page. Very rarely, he can not find the product in the list of first sites. For this reason, search engine marketing is one of the main objectives to promote your site.

What is Internet Marketing?

Hello dear readers of our blog. In today's article, we want to tell you what is the Internet marketing, it's main goals and characteristics. At this point, if you want to achieve certain goals and success in the online business, you should use the methods of website promotion through Internet marketing channels.

The Internet is in almost in every corner of the world in our time. And everyone of you uses it for their own purposes on a daily basis. Sales via the Internet are growing every day and even hour. After all, it's a lot more convenient to make the desired purchase without even leaving a home, or without having to travel to another city, where the direct store that you want is located. Convenience, the possibility of home delivery and low prices - all of this are pluses of online shopping. As result, to make your online store or website to compete with others, you need to use the Internet marketing strategies.

What is exactly the Internet Marketing?

Box-shadow in CSS

We welcome you to our blog. And we will tell you what is the box-shadow in today's article, how this feature is useful and how it can be used.

Design of your Web project must contain certain blocks on the page. It can be block of menu or block of groups, any of which sometimes need a good look, but we do not always have the skills in design or software usage. So, you can easily add the usual shadow for your unit with just a few lines. This feature is provided with help of box-shadow in CSS.

Consequently, box-shadow is a property that can create different shadows for the block on any web page of your project. You can specify several types of block shadows separated with comma. The first shadow will be located above and the rest below. It is possible to round shadow and it can be done with help of border-radius property. Let's look at the syntax of box-shadow property usage. box-shadow: ;

What is Joomla?

Hello, dear readers.

As you know, every developer, who needs one way or another to create a web project, will use a CMS system for programming. It's recommended to use CMS that is open source. One of such systems is the Joomla content management system.