DYAMAR Engineering is a professional dedicated software development company located in the Central Eastern Europe, Ukraine.

Should you have any questions or business inquiries, please feel free to contact us directly via this contact form. Our team will help you to solve your issues.

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The DYAMAR Engineering company lists four main key elements in its company manifesto. They are: Service, Evolution, Craftsmanship, Happiness. Our young team believes that striving for balance and happiness is vital to the success of their service, evolution, and ability to create amazing products that do wonder for your business.

At DYAMAR, an environment is cultivated where it is important for the people to lead a balanced life. This doesn’t mean they stand on their head at work. What it does mean is that flexibility matters: work and family, work and play, learning, growing, creating, getting along, having fun and contributing are encouraged.

Our team recognizes that fast-paced change is part of their industry. By identifying patterns in software development, web design and user behavior, we create reusable code and processes to ensure a proven and effective infrastructure is in place. This enables us to quickly and consistently create great web sites and applications.


Beginning of our history. After a year of research and development process, our team decided to start as an Independent Software Vendor and provide services in web and desktop software development.

DYAMAR team produced innovative software for protecting desktop applications from unauthorized and unlicensed use.

This was a year of SoftTuna.com project. The software portal was launched on behalf of our company.

DYAMAR Engineering starts as a software development and consulting company. We decided to offer B2B services in the area computer technologies.

We created and delivered to market our plugins for WordPress content management system.