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This is a plugin that allows to add interactive and dynamic AJAX polls to your WordPress web site.

DYAMAR Contacts

This is a plugin that allows to add interactive and dynamic AJAX polls to your WordPress web site.
Company Facts

DYAMAR Engineering is a software development company located in the Central Eastern Europe, Ukraine.

We were founded at the end of 2010 with a mission to design and develop innovative software products, web sites and on-line services.

Our motto is "Be Unique! Be the First!" As result, we always want to find new creative solutions to all your issues.

There are three main successful principles that ultimately define character of our company: Quality, Reliability and Durability.

We want to make supreme products that will help in growth of your business. Our passion is about achieving impossible goals.

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Latest Posts

New versions of DYAMAR Polls and DYAMAR Contacts plugins

Dear customers. We have just released new versions of our DYAMAR Polls and DYAMAR Contacts plugins, including both free and paid packages. You should definitely update all your existing installations to new versions, since there are many bug fixes. For example, there are CSS fixes that make those tools working better on mobile devices. Also, …

Our Vision

We are focused on building high quality digital products and we pay attention to every detail while creating new software.

User experience is the most important aspect for us. Simplicity, robustness and stability factors are very crucial for us.

During each release cycle, we test and check that our products work flawlessly and in all variations and possible stressful conditions.

Our strong belief is that continuous improvements and rapid iterations are the driving force and can provide excellent results.

Great products must help people and solve their needs. Customers should be fully satisfied with the software they use.