Using keywords in the HTML page

Hello, in this article you will learn something new, or maybe just remember well forgotten old. But this information is sure to be useful if you are a developer or an owner of the web site or project. It's about the internal search engine optimization. More specifically, we will show how to to use keywords and how they impact on your site's ranking in the world's search engines.

Internal optimization is a correctly built structure of your website for search engines. First of all, do not ignore the fact that there is a need to create a semantic kernel for your web project. Semantic kernel is a list of keywords that determine the category of your website. The main resources for internal optimization is the use of meta tags, text, graphics and links. Also, you must realize that just by using internal optimization to take off your project in search engines is not enough. Still, you need to work on the outer optimization, which basically requires huge investments. But, of course, do not start practicing doing it outside, until well finished and well done work on internal optimization is completed. It requires a lot of your time and efforts, and can be completely free of charge if you are engaged in it. It may be enough for a good positioning if your pages will be filled with a good content, which appeared on the Internet in a single copy.

So, let's see how to use some important HTML meta tags with examples of keywords inside of them. It is important to mention the meta tag element from the HTML language, which has the keywords attribute. This is one of the most important properties that has to be added to your page. You should not enter in this attribute everything, just choose 8 important keywords that will fully describe the site and your products.

Each developer is usually interested in what kind of text is displayed on the screen by search engines, and where is it taken from. In order to achieve the same result, you need to add desired text to the description attribute in meta tag. If you do not to that, then search engines will display be the first text taken from your web page. That may not always provide correct information that you would like to be visible.

In order to highlight the text used as the title, it must be to surrounded by <h1> tags. H1 - is the first level title tag and it is very important to use it in your site. It usually makes text bigger and possibly in bold style. Also, the header must contain some of the keywords that are used in the description of your project. This text must be used to engage readers, so that they continue to stay on your site and become regular users. <h1> tag have to be placed only in the <body> section of your html page. There are also <h2><h6> tags available. But the most important of them are the <h1> and <h2> tags. To mention, the tag <h6> is less often used.

Tag <title> </title> denotes text that should be put into title of the active window. Means, it is not visible inside of the page and in the text of your web resource. It's location is shown in the picture below, where the title of the page is underlined by red line. Such text must be placed in the <head> <title> text of your title </title> </head> section.


When creating a website, the correct URL address should be set on the home page and its sub-pages with a list of desired keywords. This is more convenient for users, and of course the search engines will also appreciate such action. It is reasonable to conduct that such activities has to be performed during the development of the site, but not when your project has already been indexed by search engines.

Let us also explain how the URL filled with keywords should look in your website. There is an example below of the site in the address bar, that we see after we visit the home page. There are three words that are separated by a hyphen and readable for us. This is the correct spelling of the keywords in the address bar. If instead of hyphens, we would put an underscore, then all parts would read together, in one word. Just do not write a lot of keywords, search engines can negatively view the long line addresses. So be careful.

We'll use your keywords in bold style in the text. At the moment, there is a belief that it is better not to do it, but in any case, you just need to follow the common keyword density on the page. Also, nothing will happen if you make the font bold for few keywords. But it is not recommended to highlight all the text or most of it on the page.

In addition, we will tell how to put pictures on your Internet resource. HTML code for the each image has to contain Alt and Title attributes. You can see content of Alt attribute displayed, if the picture for some reason has not been loaded. In this case, you will see the text that you have placed in this tag. Also, do not forget to add keywords to theTitle attribute. You can see it when the cursor is moved over the image. It is considered more important by search engines, so that it has to be taken care of. Text in these tags should differ from each other and, more specifically, the Title attribute has to contain more words.

To summarize, the conclusion is that the initial development of the site is very important and our advise is to follow what expert of internal optimization tell to do. Also, do not forget about keywords and other HTML important tags. Take care about good and exclusive content for your web project, since that is the most important thing that the search engines value.

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