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How to install MySql and create a database on Linux Ubuntu

Hello everyone, this article provides information about how to install MySql into Linux Ubuntu operating system. In addition, here will be information on what such a useful program, like MySql, represents to the end users. We will review it's main features and functions.

First, we want to explain what is MySql. When we say MySql, we mean relational system that enables easy database management. It can be used for small and medium-sized applications. Oracle company has developed this corporate system. They are still involved in its ongoing support. You can use this database management system as a local server which is accessed by remote users, or as an internal library server. The latest version of MySql is 5.6.

Now, after reading first part of the article, you may proceed with the installation of MySql on your Linux operating system. You can do this in two ways. The first one is by using system package manager, the second - by typing commands console.