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What is JAVA?

Hello dear readers of our blog. In today's article, we will introduce you to a very well known and widely spoken language in the development world. This is object-oriented programming language - JAVA.

We will start from history of the language. In the beginning of its development it was primarily used in programming of appliances. Development of JAVA language was officially completed in May of 1995. Applications written on it, can be compiled into byte code and at the same time can easily work in a virtual machine - JVM, which processes it and sends the instructions in special form to the interpreter. Initially language was called Oak. Over time, it was renamed into JAVA and was used for writing applications and server software. It is accepted that the final language got its name due to the island of Java, where the coffee was grown with the same name.

Let's look at the main benefits of this language.

What is C#?

Hello everybody, we will tell you what is the language C# in this article. It's an object oriented programming language, and was created by Microsoft from 1998 to 2001 for the Microsoft .Net Framework platform. At this time, there are 5 versions of the C# language. The ASP.NET technology is written in this language, which is a very functional and popular. The name of the language received from the musical concept of Sharp, which enhances the sound of a semitone. Since the accurate display of the sign is not present on the keyboard, it was decided to replace it with a number "#" sign. The standardization of the C# language is held in the ISO and ECMA committees.

Examples of FOR loop usage in C language

Dear customers, today we would like to draw your attention to the FOR loop definition and it's usage in C programming language.

In software development, term cycle means execution of the same command several times until the condition of the loop is true. From that we can understand that program's code is executed repeatedly in the FOR loop. As you have already noticed, an important element of the loop is the condition that allows to break operations. The program will be repeated continuously until the condition is true. If it is always true, then you will not have an exit point from the loop. Such cycles are called "unconditional".

Instructions and code that are used in the loop are called body of the cycle. A single execution of an instruction is called iteration of a cycle. The number of executions are counted by the iterator, in case if it is used.

How to install MySql and create a database on Linux Ubuntu

Hello everyone, this article provides information about how to install MySql into Linux Ubuntu operating system. In addition, here will be information on what such a useful program, like MySql, represents to the end users. We will review it's main features and functions.

First, we want to explain what is MySql. When we say MySql, we mean relational system that enables easy database management. It can be used for small and medium-sized applications. Oracle company has developed this corporate system. They are still involved in its ongoing support. You can use this database management system as a local server which is accessed by remote users, or as an internal library server. The latest version of MySql is 5.6.

Now, after reading first part of the article, you may proceed with the installation of MySql on your Linux operating system. You can do this in two ways. The first one is by using system package manager, the second - by typing commands console.

Insertion sort algorithm in Java

Hello our followers, today we want to share you our knowledge of sorting algorithms with example for Java language. This type of algorithm can be used in different languages, such as C, C + +, C #. But we will try to tell you how to create it in the famous and well known language Java with examples of work for the platform Android.

Let's start with what we call the sort ordered set with any data assignments for a given query. If you use numbers, sorting can be carried out from small to large and vice versa. If you need to sort words, you can do it in alphabetical order, or sort them by the number of letters. We must distinguish between internal and external algorithms sorting. As for the sort of outer type - it uses a lot of memory, which certainly can not be said about the internal, also called sort in place, and it requires only a few bytes, and intermediate variables.