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Existing users of DYAMAR Products

We continue on supporting all of our existing products. As we promised, all customers will get one year support. However, the market has changed and we won't release new versions of our old software for the Windows operating system. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are opening today!

Today is a very important date for all of us.

DYAMAR Engineering officially starts as a software development company.

We plan to provide services related to programming, web site design, search engine marketing and optimization, etc.

Our experience in these fields will allow to develop high quality products and satisfy all customers' needs.

Some of our existing customers know that we have been selling products for Windows OS. This is a real proof of our experience and professionalism.

For now our new site is under development stage, but soon it will be fully working web portal with a detailed list of all of our services.