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New versions of DYAMAR Polls and DYAMAR Contacts plugins

Dear customers.

We have just released new versions of our DYAMAR Polls and DYAMAR Contacts plugins, including both free and paid packages. You should definitely update all your existing installations to new versions, since there are many bug fixes. For example, there are CSS fixes that make those tools working better on mobile devices.

Also, we added new feature. Both those plugins now add media button into WordPress posts or page editor. This means that you can add shortcode easily to your content, and there is no need switch to Polls or Contacts table.

Please contact us if you have additional issues or questions. Best regards, DYAMAR Team.

DYAMAR Contacts - build forms easily

We would like to inform that our company has build new great plugin for the WordPress content management system. This is a form builder which allows you to create contacts forms easily. You can install it on your web site and start receiving questions or notifications from your online visitors. The submission process is fast and smooth, since we use AJAX technologies to communicate with the back-end version of our code.

Our goal was to create simple solution, it has fairly simple interface and lightweight design. You just need to create new form and drag required fields into the builder, and then save your work. Then, to add contact form into page, you need to you special shortcode that has to be inserted into textual content. Also, there is ability to use WordPress widget, with help of that you can add forms into various sidebars on your web site.

We release new plugin - DYAMAR Polls

Dear customers, we have very good news for you today! DYAMAR Engineering team has developed and released a new plug-in for the WordPress content management system. The benefit of this product is that it allows you to create dynamic surveys for users who visit it your web pages. Thus, you can find out what exactly they want from your site, what they like or to detect what needs to be changed urgently. Collected information will allow you to improve your website and increase customer loyalty.

The product is called "DYAMAR Polls" and was developed in the PHP programming language. Also, AJAX technology was used, which helps to integrate voting logic into the interface of your site.

Source code is distributed under an open source license - GNU General Public License, version 2. Full version of licensing terms is available to read here.

What is PHP?

Hello, we would like to draw your attention to a very popular, simple and at the same time, a multi featured language for web programming called PHP. If you ever want to start web development, you will not be able to do that without learning this language.

Let's begin from the history of its development. PHP is a scripting programming language for general use. It is developed as open source software, and it is used to develop dynamic web sites.

We are opening a Blog!

Dear users!

Nowadays, it's very fashionable to have a blog on website. We also try to be up to date with the new trends. As result, we are opening our own resource for storing articles.

There you will be able to read articles about new technologies in the IT world, our products and their characteristics. We will try to tell and teach you the simplest programming in different languages.

Microsoft SWIT 2013 Сonference

Dear users of our site, all members of our team want to share good news to you. There will be an international conference Microsoft SWIT 2013 at April 25 and 26 in the capital of Ukraine, in Kiev.

Member of our team will attend to this event and will listen it for two days. There will be lectures about new technical inventions, improvements of software and it's protection.

Translation completed

DYAMAR Engineering company has successfully completed translation of it's web site to the Russian and Ukrainian languages. We hope that it will be more comfortable and more enjoyable to use our web resource now. It's very important for us to know that our customers feel comfortable when they use the website.

We are planning to keep working and we hope that our site will become even more international in the future

New languages on our website

Today we have started adding two new languages for the DYAMAR site for our visitors and customers, among them are Russian and Ukrainian. Our goal is to make the website to be easy for use and for perception. The multinational feature is one of the hallmarks of high quality products.

Crunchies 2012 - Nominate your favorite companies, products, and people

Join us right now and nominate DYAMAR Engineering for the Biggest Social Impact 2012 Crunchie!

Everyone is invited to submit one nomination per category per day through Monday night, December 6th, 2012 at 11:59PM PST.

Once you nominate in a category, you are able to share your nominations through Twitter and Facebook, or you can embed a badge or link to the nomination.

DYAMAR Engineering Team is participating at IDCEE

This autumn is very interesting for our team and for the whole Ukrainian software development community. The Investment Day of Central and Eastern Europe will happen in Kyiv, at 18-19 of October.

This event is a conference where young entrepreneurs show their promising products and trying to get attention on them from media and investment groups.